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The Best Way To Find Free Wifi, Anywhere

Today’s Killer Startup: WiFi Map



wifi map


Elevator Pitch

WiFi Map helps users find free wifi on their phones, anywhere in the world.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

The search for free wifi can be a long and exhausting one. Gone are the days when no one protected their networks and you could just tap into them free of charge. In 2015, we’re all guarding our wifi access like Gollum. God forbid our shows should download slowly, after all.


WiFi Map helps users hold onto their precious data by guiding them to over 2 million free wifi hotspots worldwide. They even include the passwords to different networks, making it easy as pie to connect. No more wandering around, phone in hand, searching for that spark of light that is an open network. WiFi Map lets you find and connect with networks quickly and easily.


Calling themselves to the “Waze of wifi,” WiFi Map relies on user input to gather info about their listed spots. The free version offers the map, passwords, and comments for wifi locations – even in offline mode – and also lets users contribute.


The “pro” version (which goes for $4.99) is recommended for travelers, allowing users to tell the app where they’ll be traveling and then save all of the wifi info for offline use later. That way you can get connected as soon as your plane touches down, a huge advantage for those of us who rely on our phones for, well, everything these days.


Whether you’re in a new country or just don’t feel like paying out the nose for that higher data plan, WiFi Map is a great way to get online, no matter where you are. Download it for iOS or Android at



Get online fast and easy – no matter where you are – with @wifimapapp, the Waze of Wifi


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Author : Emma McGowan

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