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Today’s Killer Startup: No One Should Ever Have To Buy A Bridesmaid Dress

Today’s Killer Startup: Vow To Be Chic



vow to be chic


Elevator Pitch

Vow To Be Chic rents designer bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses and delivers them right to your door.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

No one likes buying bridesmaid dresses. You’re forced to spend potentially hundreds of dollars on a dress that will be worn once, for a few hours, only to languish in the back of your closet for the rest of your life because even though you know you’ll never wear it again, you just can’t stand the thought of chucking it when it’s basically brand new.


I don’t know if it’s some kind of weird juju attached to bridesmaids dresses or what but no matter how pretty the dress seems on the wedding day, no one ever wears a bridesmaid dress again.


So why are we still buying them?


If Vow To Be Chic has anything to say about it, fewer of us will be. This new site offers a range of beautiful, traditional, designer bridesmaid dresses to rent. Bridesmaids-to-be can browse the site’s selection, submit their measurements, and then sit back and wait for two dresses to come in the mail.


The dresses that don’t fit can then be returned using the prepaid packaging that’s included.


Once the wedding is over and the bridesmaid dress has outlived its usefulness, former bridesmaids simply send the dress back, again in the prepaid packaging. No need to think about it ever again, except when admiring wedding photos.


Vow To Be Chic also has a bridal dress option for more casual brides that they call the Little White Dress. While some women undoubtedly want the full princess bride experience, some ladies just want a good, simple white dress to get them through the day and that’s where renting comes in. Just like the bridesmaid dresses, Vow To Be Chic’s Little White Dresses can be tried on and easily returned with the prepaid packaging.


They even take care of the dry cleaning.



This #startup lets you rent #bridesmaid dresses instead of buying them. GENIUS. @VowToBeChic #weddings


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Author : Emma McGowan

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