Boost Your Productivity In The New Year With This App

Today’s Killer Startup: Upkeep




Elevator Pitch

Keep up with all of your home and life tasks with this easy scheduling app.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Being a grownup means you have approximately 8 million different things to do every single day. While those things would be much easier to keep track of if they were the same every single day, the reality is much, much messier.


Who can remember when to change their oil and buy new contact lenses and drop off the laundry and change the batteries in the smoke alarms? I’m sure there are some super-organized, super-men and women out there but I know that, for most of us, keeping track of the daily task of being an adult is hard.


Upkeep is an iOS app that gives you one place to put all of those things so you can forget about them until it’s time to remember again. No more time spend puzzling over the last time you rotated your tires or freaking out because you forgot an important task. Upkeep does it all for you.


Upkeep stores all of your tasks (which you can choose from a provided lists of hundreds or make an in-app purchase to create your own) in organized calendars that include Home, Auto, and Personal. When a task comes due, you can choose to do it right away or reschedule it for later in the day or week. You get to decide when you do the things you need to do to keep your life running smoothly.


No more stressing, no more worrying, no more post-its, and no more making and remaking of mental lists. Upkeep helps you up your productivity by keeping your daily tasks organized in beautiful, manageable lists.



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