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Today’s Killer Startup: The Ultimate Travel Organizer

Today’s Killer Startup: TripIt



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Elevator Pitch

TripIt is a travel app that keeps track of everything from flights to bus rides to accommodations in one place, so that you can travel with peace of mind.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I fly internationally approximately every two months and even though I’ve been traveling since I was 12 years old, I still have terrible systems. Sometimes I’ll check in online beforehand, sometimes not. Sometimes I’ll remember to write down my flight number, most often not. Occasionally I’ll check ahead of time to make sure everything is on time but, let’s be real: I usually don’t.


It’s embarrassing, really. Here I am, scoffing at the noobs who don’t know to take off their jackets in the security line and yet I’m still jotting down flight info on whatever random piece of paper I can find in my purse.


But not anymore! From now on I will be so on top of it, ‘cause I’m using TripIt.


TripIt is one of those apps that’s kind of scary in its ability to access and organize your info – but scary in a good way, not scary in an NSA way. If you have Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, all you have to do is give it access to your email and the app will go in and scan your messages to find the ones that are travel-related. If you don’t, just forward each hotel, flight, car rental, and restaurant confirmation to The app then pulls that info and organizes it into an in-app itinerary that’s available even when you’re offline.


TripIt also informs you in real time about any flight changes, delays, or gate changes. If your flight is cancelled, TripIt will help you find alternate flights for rebooking quickly and easily and it will even help you get the best seats on the plane.


Pretty impressive, right?


When I installed TripIt, I didn’t think it would find much because I don’t currently have any flights booked. I was surprised, however, when it pulled up an AirBnB reservation for early next week as well as info on an international flight I took last month. The previous flights are saved under “previous trips,” along with the itinerary that Greyhound sent me when I went from Burlington to Boston after Thanksgiving.


There are only two things about TripIt that I’m not totally enamored with. The first is the design, which I think is trying to emulate the look of some of the big travel search engines. It feels a bit clunky to me, but definitely not enough to keep me from using the app. I think they could benefit greatly from the services of a great minimalist UI/UX designer, but that’s just my preference.


The second is something I ran into last time I flew, when my boyfriend and I were traveling on the same day but on different flights. He had already installed the app and he got notifications that his flight was delayed when in fact it was my flight that was delayed. Because the app scans your email automatically, it didn’t distinguish between his travel plans and the confirmation email that I forwarded to him. Minor glitch, but worth noting.


For real frequent travelers, TripIt also offers a Pro program that tracks your rewards programs automatically for you, even letting you know when they’re due to expire so you don’t miss out.


Finally, the TripIt app lets you build a network from your email contacts, showing you where folks have traveled and where they’re headed next so you can plan with them or see where you’re paths overlap. It really is one of those rare apps that truly makes one part of life – traveling – so, so much easier. Check it out now at



#Travel can be crazy stressful. @TripIt it the travel app/personal travel assistant that makes it all better.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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