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Tapiture Is The Better-Than-Pinterest For Men

Today’s Killer Startup: Tapiture





Elevator Pitch

Tapiture is a social discovery platform where men explore, share, and buy some of the coolest stuff online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Tapiture Founder John Ellis has more than a decade of experience in online marketplaces and he’s taken everything he learned about how consumers engage with content to create what some are calling the Pinterest for men.


But Tapiture takes things a step further than Pinterest by following the three Cs of online business: content, community, and commerce. There are thousands of companies online that focus on content, there are plenty that are all about community, and who can even count the number of businesses who are all about commerce? The one that’s been missing is one company that nails all three, and that’s Tapiture.


Tapiture is the first company to really integrate the those three Cs into one cohesive platform. With millions of registered users – mostly between the ages of 25 and 34 and mostly dudes – their community is all about exploring and sharing the best that the web has to offer. They have everything from travel pics, comical gifs, and entertaining vines to things you can actually buy right from the site itself.


Signing up for Tapiture is super easy: new users have the choice between logging in with an existing social media account or through their email address. They’re then presented with a few different images and are asked to choose the ones they like. That helps Tapiture start configuring their personalized feed and also gives them the info they need to connect new users with existing users to follow.


That feed continues to evolve and change based on the user’s actions on the site. For example, if someone is really into men’s style, their field will be a mixture of images and videos related to men’s style as well as men’s apparel products that Tapiture already knows he’ll be into and that he can purchase from within the network.


So remember, guys: Three Cs. Tapiture has figured out a winning formula for how to nail all three.



Could @tapiture be the even-better-than-Pinterest for men? We’re gonna say… Yes!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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