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You Could Pay Down Your Student Debt By Volunteering

Today’s Killer Startup: SponsorChange



Elevator Pitch

SponsorChange helps debt-laden college graduates pay down part of their debt through volunteer work and community service.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

While I’ll forever be grateful for my college experience, that fuzzy feeling can be hard to remember when I go to send my monthly loan repayment bill. While my debt level upon graduating wasn’t astronomical, considering how expensive Bard College is, it’s still a kick in the pants during the leaner months.


SponsorChange is a site that’s aimed toward people like me – Millennials who are currently holding the most college debt in history. The organization connects us debtors with non-profits that need people power. They’re then “paid” in the form of loan reimbursement by donors who have signed up specifically to have their philanthropic money go specifically to this cause.


While the program is currently only available in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Chicago, the organization has plans to expand nationwide. They’re working on their own campaigns for expansion as well as encouraging potential members to petition their favorite non-profits to take part.


They’re also aiming to add “virtual volunteering” as an option, which I’m especially excited about and hope they’ll inform me of as soon as it’s launched. This is a great solution for bloggers, designers, grant writers – basically anyone who can work remotely – to contribute. Plenty of nonprofits are in serious need of exactly the kinds of skills those of us in the startup world possess and considering how many of us are bootstrapping while trying to change the world through our companies, I’d say this is a market ready and willing to start volunteering for loan reimbursement.


Interested in finding out more? Head over to and sign up to be informed during the beta launch.



Saddled with too much debt, not enough employment, and some free time? Why not #volunteer to help pay back your loans? @sponsorchange


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