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Today’s Killer Startup: Spoil



Elevator Pitch

Spoil will send a personalized gift package for you based on information about the recipient.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Post-holidays, everyone feels pretty done with gift-giving. The thought of searching for even one more perfect present is enough for most of us to pull down the curtains and never leave the house again – and don’t even get me started on gift wrapping.


Spoil is the perfect company to ease your post-holiday gift weariness. The new startup will send a “personalized box of happiness” to the next person on your birthday/anniversary/graduation list based on the information you provide them. No shopping, no choosing, not gift wrapping.


The site starts by asking you what kind of event you’re buying a gift for: birthday? thank you? just to say “you’re awesome” or “I Love you?” It then gathers a little information about the person you’re buying for, including their name, number, and gender.


Then it’s on to the type of gift and the genius here, I think, is that you don’t have too many choices. There are gender-specific ones (Just For Him/Her), Warm & Cozy, Artsy & Funky, Geeky & Techy, or Classy & Designer. Wrap it all up by telling them how much you want to spend (the choices range from $35 to $500) and you’re all set!


Gift-givers don’t get to see what will be in the packages before they’re sent, which some people may not be comfortable with but others (like me) probably enjoy that little element of surprise. The site does give examples of previous Spoils to give users an idea of what types of gifts they can expect. From the images, I’d say you can bet they’ll be getting something nice.


Spoil is a great example of a startup that has figured out an action people are already taking – gift giving – and making it exponentially more simple. For folks who want to give a great gift but don’t have the time or energy to do the shopping themselves, Spoil is the perfect solution.



If #holiday burnout makes you never even want to THINK about buying another #gift, @spoil has you covered with personalized packages https://www.spoil.io/


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