Create Beautiful, Usable Color Palettes From Anything

Today’s Killer Startup: Sip Color


sip color


Elevator Pitch

Sip Color is an iOS app that lets you turn anything into a usable color palette.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’m the kind of person who trips over my own feet because a pretty color or shape or architectural detail distracted me. I love matching colors and finding new combinations – getting dressed in the morning is a pretty long process for me.


Now, considering the fact that my boyfriend is the kind of guy who buys a belt and shoes specifically to match the exact tone of brown on his bag, it’s fair to say that our household is really into colors.


And that’s why we’re really into Sip.


Sip is, first of all, hella fun. The app looks like a normal picture app, except there are little dots that float around to determine the color palette. Those dots change color as you move the app around, giving you examples of different possible color combinations. Once you’ve hit on one that you dig, add the palette to your saved palettes. I’ve been wandering around my coworking space all day, snapping Sips of flowers, furniture, and my friends.


The most practical application of this is, obviously, for designers who are looking for inspiration or an easy way to find interesting colors that work with a client’s requirements. I think it’s also great for painters who are trying to figure out the best matches to get a painting started; future brides and grooms who are searching for the best color palette for their wedding; or even just someone like me who really digs colors and wants to get a little more creative.


One of things I love about technology is its ability to give us new ways of seeing things that are in front of our faces every day. Sip is a great example of that, clarifying our surroundings into usable, beautiful color palettes.


Now let’s just hope I don’t run into anything while I try to capture the gorgeous color palettes of Guatemala.



#Designers! #Painters! Color-lovers! Check out the Sip app from @OlaBrothers and turn your world into beautiful color palettes.


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Sip Color | Benjamin Evans