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Today’s Killer Startup: Point


point: share links


Elevator Pitch

Point is a Google Chrome plugin that is “a better way to share and talk about articles with your friends.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Have you ever found yourself searching back through Facebook chats or email threads or Slack groups, trying to find that one link that you know you shared that’s just perfect right this second? It’s a frustrating process, sifting through inanities and chitchat, all for one little URL.


Point eliminates that process by providing you an easy way to share links and talk about articles with your friends, family, and colleagues – all in one place. All you have to do is click on a webpage, type the @ symbol followed by a name, and the recipient will get a “point” from you. If they’ve signed up for the app already, it will go to their message box, where they can expand it and check it out on their own time. If they haven’t signed up yet, the point will be sent in the form of a nicely designed email directing them to the article.


Since those emails will obviously result in new signups, let’s talk about the chat feature of the plugin. This is where everything from initial points to comments on those points to highlighted text can be found. No more copy/pasting, no more link sending – it’s all in one spot and you can choose to set up conversations with as many or as few people as you’d like.


Point is a simple, elegant tool that’s great for anyone who works online or even just spends a lot of time reading things on the internet. For our remote team here at KillerStartups, for example, it’s an excellent way to share and discuss articles we’re all reading that are related to better blogging or, for example, cool new startups that have just hit the scene. I also use it to chat with my boyfriend about cool websites and what’s going on in the startup world during our workday.


I know that the last thing any of us needs is another messaging app – goodness that the list seems to get longer every day. Point, however, is more than just a messaging app: it’s an organizational tool and a library. If you still have questions or concerns, check out their awesome explainer video here and then let their super clear walkthrough show you what’s what.



Find yourself asking, “Where the @$%@ did I share that link???” all the time? @GetPointApp


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