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A Service That Takes Care Of The Boring Stuff So You Can Focus On Developing

Today’s Killer Startup: Paddle





Elevator Pitch

Paddle takes care of all the elements of selling an app so that developers can focus on developing.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Fact: Developers like to develop. Walk into any coworking space or startup office and you’ll be able to tell who the developer is by finding the one guy who’s staring so intently at his computer screen that he hasn’t even noticed that everyone else has already cracked into the office keg. Hardcore developers live for developing and they’d rather be doing it than basically anything else.


The problem is, even the most brilliant app won’t sell itself. Successful, serial app developers find themselves suddenly playing the role of lawyer, marketing exec, community manager – basically everything else but developing. While startup founders may revel in that “wearer of many hats” role, most developers definitely don’t.


Paddle takes care of all of the other stuff so that developers can focus on doing what they love – developing. The company has an entire suite of tools, ranging from a beautiful checkout plugin to a dashboard for managing everything to increased exposure within their network.
This is good new for developers.


“When I develop an app, I want to launch it as fast as possible,” says one developer in the Paddle explainer video. “But then the boring stuff happens.”


All of that boring stuff is Paddle’s bread and butter – and they charge a mere 5% plus $0.50 for every transaction. While that may not be worth to to the guy who puts out one app in a year, those developers who are pumping out one after another know that their time is valuable enough to pay that kind of fee. Check it out now at



DEVELOPERS, we know you just want to develop. That’s why @PaddleBiz takes care of all the boring parts of selling your #apps.


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