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Read ALL OF THE NON FICTION With Longform App

Today’s Killer Startup: Longform App




Elevator Pitch

Longform app recommends new and classic non-fiction from around the web.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I spend way too much time reading things online. Luckily, because I’m a blogger, that counts as “work” but even I know that there is such thing as too many blog posts in one day. Every morning my inbox is full of newsletters from across the web, packed with fascinating pieces for me to devour. My bookmarks tab is full of folders called “to read 12/14” or “READ THESE FOR REAL” because I simply don’t have the time every day to read all of the things.


Which is why the Longform app is both a blessing and a curse.


The app is a collection of longform non-fiction writing (2,000 words or more) that is freely available online. You can browse what they have available but also follow writers and publishers, check out recommendations from your friends, and read daily recommended pieces from the Longform staff. Oh, and every single article is available offline.


When I downloaded the app this morning on my boyfriend’s suggestion, I found myself getting immediately sucked into it in a way that told me I had to put it down, fast, or risk not getting anything else done today. There is so much there! So many possibilities! I want to follow everyone and everything and truly read all of the things.


There’s so much amazing writing out there today but it can be extremely hard to find. If you’re like me and you’re constantly searching for new opinions and ideas, stop whatever you’re doing and download Longform right now. The only warning I have is that you might not get anything else done today but I think that’s a sacrifice most of us are willing to make.



I WANT TO READ ALL OF THE THINGS! @LongformApp is seriously dangerous for lovers of longform non-fiction. #readmore


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Author : Emma McGowan

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