That Freelance Hustle Just Got A Little Bit Easier

Today’s Killer Startup: LocalSolo




Elevator Pitch

LocalSolo connects businesses with high quality, local freelancers.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

More and more Americans are taking advantage of the freedom that faster, smarter technology provides by dropping the 9-to-5 for that freelance hustle. The freelance economy is rapidly growing, with an estimated 53 million Americans already freelancing, according to Forbes. That’s 34% of the total workforce, a number that’s expected to increase to 50% by 2020.


That hustle, though? It ain’t easy. For freelancers, finding jobs often takes up even more time than doing the jobs themselves. On the other side of the coin, companies who need quality freelance work waste hours sifting through LinkedIn profiles, surfing Google, and reaching out to friends in their industry in hopes that someone can recommend someone good.


While there are a few sites set up to connect remote freelancers with work, LocalSolo was created specifically to help out companies and freelancers who prefer to work face-to-face. Some projects, after all, simply require an in-person presence in order to work.


Freelancers can apply to be a part of LocalSolo’s handpicked roster of top-tier freelance professionals. The profile listing is free and comes with access to LocalSolo’s collaboration and networking communities. It also can be adjusted to reflect availability, a key feature for people who’s work commitments fluctuate.


On the business side of things, companies that use freelance labor can sign up to join LocalSolo, granting them access to information about the freelancers in their area, including contact info. It’s basically a rolodex of awesome.


As the freelance market continues to boom, connecting workers with the companies that want to hire them is going to become more and more valuable. Drop those expensive recruiters and turn to for the most talented freelancers in your city.



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