You’re Losing Money And You Don’t Even Know It

Today’s Killer Startup: Load Faster


load faster


Elevator Pitch

Load Faster will analyze what’s slowing down your site’s load time and fix it for you.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Remember the days of dial-up, when it took like five minutes just to load an image? You’d sit there waiting impatiently as the picture slooooooowly, slooooooowly loaded, only to have your mom yell at you for holding up the phone line before the whole thing came through.


These days we’re far from the slow death that was dial-up but your customers are feeling that same pain if your site isn’t optimized for fast loading time. Chances are you’re losing more customers than you realize in the ADD world that is the internet.


Load Faster wants to help you keep those valuable customers on your page by fully optimizing your site for super-fast loading times. You submit your site to them, pay for the package you want, and they’ll analyze and fix your site for you. Load Faster has a range of options, starting at $299 to make your site two times faster and ending with a bespoke option for agencies looking to help their whole roster up their speed.


If you’re balking at the price, consider these statistics: every second you make a potential customer wait drops your conversion rate by 7% and 40% of people will completely abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load. That means that those seconds are truly precious, especially for SaaS and ecommerce sites.


When you add in the fact that Google takes loading time into account in their search algorithm, all of a sudden you’re facing not only losses before checkout but also losses in organic searches. And you know what all of those losses add up to? Less money in your pocket.


Loading time is one of those factors that tends to get left by the wayside, even though it’s super important for your site’s success. Stop throwing money down the drain and get your load time up at



Did you know that your site’s slow loading speed is costing you serious money? by @demoweb_co


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