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Find Out How These Successful Entrepreneurs Got Their First 3 Customers

Today’s Killer Startup: How I Got My First 3 Customers

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Elevator Pitch

How I Got My First 3 Customers is a collection of stories from startup founders about how they got started.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

There are two things that startup founders basically always need: advice and encouragement. Advice because most of us have no idea what we’re doing and encouragement because doing something that you don’t know how to do is really, really hard. Those to needs are the reasons blogs like this one as well has thousands of other exist across the web.


How I Got My First 3 Customers is a nice blend of advice and encouragement, presented in a neat little package. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as the stories seem to be mostly founding stories so they involve a bit more than simply recruiting the first three people to a product. The stories are a closer look at what goes into launching an early-stage startup, providing insight a few laughs along the way.


Each story ends with a take-away “tip” pulled out of the founder’s story, for those of you who are skim reading everything and are frequent users of TL;DR. You also have the option of downloading a PDF with all of the lessons from all of the founders on the site.


The flip site of sites like this, of course, is that they’re also great free advertising for you and your startup. Take the time to type up an interesting story for How I Got My First 3 Customers to help improve your Google results and drive some organic traffic to your startup.


And, you know, provide a little advice and encouragement to your fellow founders, obviously.



Searching for a little #startup advice and encouragement? Look no further than How I Got My First 3 Customers from @AppSumo


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