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Want Your Email Campaign To Kick Butt? You’d Better Use This Tool

Today’s Killer Startup: Goodbits



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Elevator Pitch

Goodbits makes it easier to build awesome newsletters.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

There’s a reason basically every website asks for your email address: email marketing is still one of the best inexpensive ways to directly reach your audience. That said, without a good newsletter, an email marketing campaign is pretty much bound to fail.


But how do you make a good newsletter? While there are newsletter editors, most of them are cumbersome and take a while to get just right. Goodbits, however, make building an awesome newsletter as easy as pointing and clicking.


Goodbits lets users utilize a web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari that easily adds links to the newsletter. You can even add content from your favorite mobile reader app like, say, Pocket, by sending links from the app to the Goodbits designated email address. It automatically pulls images from the articles and crops it for the email, which means you don’t have to waste any time with formatting.


Goodbits integrates with your existing MailChimp account, although you have the option of using either the Goodbits email templates or MailChimp’s. They also have a full analytics suite, so you can quickly determine which content is resonating with your community – and which is flopping.


Finally, Goodbits lets you organize the content in your newsletters in any way that you want. You can set pre-defined sections and direct each to new post to them, creating an organized, easy to read newsletter that your community will love.


So if you’re still fumbling along with a newsletter editor that’s just not getting it right, get started now with Goodbits. Your awesome newsletter is just a point and a click away.



Want to rock your email marketing campaign but find yourself struggling with the newsletter? @goodbitsio to the rescue!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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