Hackers Are Stealing From You

Today’s Killer Startup: Disconnect




Elevator Pitch

Disconnect reduces your exposure to many threats, including malware, identity theft, and tracking of your search, browsing, and app activity.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup

2014 was the year of the hack. We had sex crimes like the celebrity nudes that were stolen and distributed, breaches at both major retail and major software companies, and, in my personal life, someone got ahold of my debit card info and attempted to empty out my bank account.


Thanks, cyber criminals.


While online security will forever be a back and forth between white hat and black hat hackers, there are some steps you can take to protect your info from would-be thieves. One step is connecting with Disconnect, an open-source software founded by former Google engineers who teamed up with a consumer and privacy-rights attorney to create a solution to protect you from the many different thieves that are invisible to the bare eye.


One of those hidden (potential) threats are trackers, which are a hidden part of many of the sites and apps that you use every days. While some trackers may be relatively harmless, depending on your personal comfort level and definition of privacy, other are specifically phishing for your personal information and passwords. Disconnect lets you you track the trackers, turning the invisible visible and giving you more control over who and what has access to your information.


Disconnect also lets you encrypt all of your information, protecting you against any online “eavesdroppers” who are trying to “listen in” (read: steal or spy) on your activities. Their encrypted tunnel protects you from wireless eavesdropping and ensures that all of your connections are secure.


Disconnect also provides a virtual private network that blocks thousands of malicious trackers, lets you mask your location to get around censored sites, firewalls, and filters, and includes an anonymous search feature. Your information will finally be yours and only yours.



Hackers are trying to steal your info and the government is spying on you. Protect yourself with @disconnectme


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