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Finally! An Effective Way To Filter Twitter!

Today’s Killer Startup:

Elevator Pitch is a organized view the latest trending hashtags on Twitter.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Twitter’s greatness lies in the fact that anyone can say whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want. It’s like a huge mass of people shouting at once and, like anything being done by hundreds of thousands at of people at one time, it can be overwhelming.


While there are ways to filter the noise – hashtags being the most obvious, of course – Twitter has resisted implementing filtering mechanisms like, say, Facebook’s editable Newsfeed. Intrepid users are required to sort through the noise themselves, picking and choosing which conversations to follow or just diving into the stream of consciousness. curates down some of the noise by presenting the most relevant current hashtags with the most relevant tweets front and center. How do they decide which tweets are the most important, you ask?


You know, algorithms and magic.


Those algorithms are the key to keeping down the chit-chat and save you from drowning in the noise of the Twittersphere. not only presents the most timely topics front and center on both their mobile-optimized site and app but also lets you search for topics that interest you, again presenting the most relevant tweets before the general jibber-jabber. It’s a great solution for anyone who wants to keep up on the conversations around current events but for whom even the thought of opening Twitter’s main feed makes them sigh with frustration.


Finally, is not a US-only app, something that this digitally nomadic blogger greatly appreciates. The app currently lets you choose between the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Spain as your region. One can only assume that as it gets more popular, more countries will be added to the list.



Filter out the Twitter jibber jabber and read only the best tweets on trending topics with @CurrentlyFeed #TwitterFilter


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Author : Emma McGowan

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