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When The “Like” Button Isn’t Enough, You Have ChangeTip

Today’s Killer Startup: ChangeTip





Elevator Pitch

ChangeTip lets you tip anyone with Bitcoin through social media.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

ChangeTip’s explainer video says it best at the end: an entire generation of people and businesses are not being fairly compensated. What they don’t say is that this is a phenomenon that the internet has largely created, as people have become accustomed to consuming everything from television to written content to visual art for free.


How do we solve that problem? Is it even solvable?


ChangeTip’s solution is a system that lets people send “tips” in the form of Bitcoins to people whose work they love. There’s also no buttons to install – ChangeTip has creates bots that troll the internet looking for mentions of it. You can either explicitly state how much you want to “tip” (i.e. write out “$1USD”) or use a moniker. ChangeTip has set ones like “cookies” and “doughnuts” or you can create your own.


While the big mission of ChangeTip is to 1) get money in the hands of the people who are creating the stuff you enjoy and, 2) take money out of a corrupt international banking system (by using Bitcoin), you can use ChangeTip to tip, well, anyone. Use it send money to someone in another country when currency conversions aren’t great. Use it to let someone know you think they’re cool or when you want to send a “thinking of you” gift to a friend who’s far away.


The issue of the cost of quality work dropping every day is not one that’s going to be solved quickly or easily. Likewise, the issue of corrupt banks and banking systems is one that’s going to take generations to dismantle. In the meantime, ChangeTip is one small way to make a difference in both those areas – and potentially make a big difference for the people whose work you really dig.



Is the “Like” button not enough? Show your #LOVE with @ChangeTip


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Author : Emma McGowan

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