Cat Spanish Is The Cutest Language App Out There

Today’s Killer Startup: Cat Spanish


cat spanish


Elevator Pitch

Cat Spanish utilizes cuteness and humor – in the form of adorable kitty cats – to help users learn Spanish.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’ve spent the past three years living in Spanish-speaking countries and when I first moved out of the US, I barely spoke a word. My language learning has been a slow process of wrong words, incorrect tenses, and sounding like I have the intellectual capacity of a four year old. It’s been frustrating, rewarding, extremely hard, and terribly humbling.


What it hasn’t been, up until now, is hella cute.


With the introduction of Cat Spanish into my and my boyfriend’s lives, learning Spanish is suddenly super adorable. Each new word or phrase is accompanied by a picture of a cute kitty cat and even my dog-preferring boyfriend can’t help burst out giggling with each new one.


The app is, amazingly, backed by science – apparently cute things make us let our guard down, which makes us more receptive to learning. And, according to their site, “humor makes everything more memorable.” Who knew?


The app also uses more conventional methods like testing and repetition to help users pick up useful Spanish words and phrases. It even has a fake text conversation at the end of each lesson, where users can try out their new terms with a kitty named Mousha.


Learning a new language is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be the torture that we all associate with, for example, the classes we took in high school. Get your cute on and started hablando español pronto with Cat Spanish from If nothing else, I promise you’ll get a good laugh out of it.



Want to learn Spanish but tired of the same boring old programs? Cat Spanish is the cutest way to start hablando español! @CatAcademyCEO


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