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How To Make More On Your Airbnb Rental

Today’s Killer Startup: Can I Stay With You While I Rent My Place On Airbnb?



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Elevator Pitch:

Can I Stay With You While I Rent My Place On Airbnb? is a community of people who are willing to host other Airbnb hosts while they’re renting their apartments.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Airbnb was born in San Francisco, the land of obscene, astronomical rents. It only makes sense that people who are regularly seeing one bedroom apartments rent for more than $4,000 a month would be looking for ways to offset living costs by renting out spaces in their homes.


Can I Stay With You?’s goal is to help their fellow city residents (as well as folks in other cities across the country) truly utilize their spaces. The idea is simple: folks looking to rent their apartments more frequently on Airbnb can sign up and be connected with other people who are willing to let them crash for the duration.


Rather than having to beg friends every time a hosting opportunity comes up (and eventually maybe lose all of their friends because they’re, users are plugged into a community of people who are happy to host.


As of press time, Can I Stay With You? is free all around. Similar to Couchsurfing, (Airbnb’s bohemian, hippie cousin) users are encouraged to thank their hosts with anything from a six pack to a promise to stay at a later date to (if they’re feeling generous) a little bit of cash from the Airbnb rental. The hope is to build a community of hosts who are helping each other out so that everyone benefits.


The product is brand new – the founders told Product Hunt that they put it together in just a couple of days – and for now they’re hand matching people who are willing to host with people who need hosting. However, just judging based on the appearance of the site and the enthusiast response from the Product Hunt community, I’d say that Can I Stay With You? is on to something.



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Can I Stay With You While I Rent My Place On Airbnb?

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