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Burner Phones Aren’t Just For Drug Dealers – And They’re Not Even Phones Anymore

Today’s Killer Startup: Burner





Elevator Pitch

Burner is an app that lets users create new and private phone numbers that can be “burned” when they’re no longer needed.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

In these days of high cost data plans and cell service, not many of us can afford multiple phone lines. That doesn’t mean, however, that multiple phone lines aren’t needed sometimes. Wouldn’t it be great to have a number that only your family used, one for guys who try to pick you up in the bar, one for work, and one for friends?


Well, now you can.


Burner provides users with “burners” – unique phone numbers with local area codes that can be disposed of when they’re no longer useful. While people used to have to buy whole new (usually cheap) cellphones if they wanted that kind of calling anonymity, Burner makes it possible all from one smartphone.


Privacy is at a premium these days and even something as small as keeping marketers away from your personal number can seem precious when the NSA is peeking in at everything we do and hackers are distributing personal information every time we turn around. Burner helps you take control of your privacy by letting you control your mobile identity and even delete an entire phone number with just one click.


Burner is especially great for bootstrapping startup founders who want to appear professional but don’t have the cash to shell out for multiple lines. It’s easy to set up a number for your work line, one for customer service, and one for your boyfriend to call you on. The app even has a Touch ID lock and custom line colors to help you keep track of what phone number is for whom, so you don’t pick up that investor call with a “Hey, baby,” greeting. Check it out now at



Disposable phone lines aren’t just for drug dealers. @burner lets you turn your smartphone into as many numbers as you want.


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