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Today’s Killer Startup: Be My Eyes


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Elevator Pitch

Be My Eyes connects blind people with sighted people who can help them complete everyday tasks via live video calls.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Every once in a while – but rarely, if I’m being 100% honest – I come across someone who is using technology in a way that’s not only new and innovative but is also making the world a better place. Sure, the startup joke and stereotype is that we’re all “changing the world” but let’s be real: most of us aren’t.


Be My Eyes, however, is making a big difference in the lives of blind people, a group whose world is a little more limited than the rest of us.


Here’s how it works: The app has both blind and sighted people participating. When a blind person finds themselves in a situation that they simply can’t handle on their own (like, for example, reading the expiration date on a carton of milk or figuring out when the next train is coming) they can turn to Be My Eyes.


The app will reach out to one of the sighted volunteers who can choose whether to take the call or, if they’re busy, pass it on to the next available volunteer. The two people connect via video chat and the sighted person helps the blind person figure out whatever it was they needed help with.


Sighted volunteers can earn points for each time they help someone out, boosting their reputation in the By My Eyes network.


At the time of this article being written, Be My Eyes had over 7,600 sighted volunteers, 737 blind people, and had helped out in almost 1,500 instances. They are truly making the world a better place by connecting folks who need help with folks who are interested in helping. Check it out now at


Isn’t technology grand sometimes?



Here’s technology that’s TRULY disruptive: @BeMyEyes connects volunteers with blind people via video chat for everyday help!


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