5 Killer Secrets To Shaping The Perfect Startup Story (Video)


Hello friends, and welcome to the first installment of Killer Secrets, a new series here at KillerStartups where we sit down with experts to learn the secrets behind startup success. From managing social media, to landing more funding to gaining more customers, Killer Secrets will teach you the tricks of the trade so you can go out and kick some startup butt!





Our first session is with PR guru Gabriel del Rio, Principle at GdR PRoductions, a digital entertainment PR agency based in California. Gabriel works with disruptive startups to “deliver editorial coverage that supports the real world business objectives in a cost-efficient, results-driven effort.” When it comes to PR, specifically with startups, Gabriel knows his stuff. I did my best as curator, but I’m thinking some media training wouldn’t hurt! Gabriel was a true sport, and, as it turned out, a great teacher. And there’s an unexpected surprise at the end you have to see to believe.


Click below to reveal: “The 5 Killer Secrets To Shaping The Perfect Startup Story”





So class, let’s review. The 5 Killer Secrets to Shaping the Perfect Startup Story are:


  1. Business Objective: PR should always support a real-world business objective. Understanding your end result will ultimately sculpt your story
  2. Audience: once you understand the result you’re attempting to support, identify what that community is reading and identify targets accordingly
  3. Angle: selfishly visualize your headline and work towards that story approach.
  4. Message: what messages would resonate with your audience while promoting the value of the company
  5. Pitch: the trickiest part, actually packaging your story. Tailor your story for that specific outlet, speak directly your target’s recent interest, keep it short and don’t be afraid of follow up


Excellent! You survived the first Killer Secrets session. What did you think? Have any questions, comments or suggestions? We would love to hear your feedback! Also, if you’re looking for more PR advice, reach out to Gabriel at GdR PRoductions, he’ll hook you up.


Now, go use this insider knowledge to rock your startup’s world. And, stay tuned for the next Killer Secrets session when Ben Lang, the 19-year-old entrepreneurial whiz kid reveals his top marketing secrets for your startup. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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