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Kiko.comIf you are an internet-oriented person and also really busy, you should check out Kiko´s calendar services. The simple and attractive calendar exists inside your web browser, so you can access it anywhere you have a connection.

With a few clicks you can add any meeting, assignment due date, reunion, or social activity to your calendar. You can view your listings either categorically (work or social) as well as by time, day or month. One of the nice features is that its easy to make changes: you can reschedule events by dragging and dropping them from one date/time to another. So you don´t forget about your events, you can create personal reminders and receive alerts via e-mail, AIM or SMS. The site lets you display a list of appointments and information, use contact management to create a list of contacts and groups for calendar sharing, let your friends or relatives know of upcoming events, and keep your workgroup informed about scheduled tasks and projects. Additional features include RSS feeds, internationalization, and iCal/vCard import. Kiko is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Camino. In Their Own Words

“Kiko is a great, dead simple calendar you can use right in your web browser.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This calendar is fully-loaded, easy-to-use, and great for people who are constantly on the internet (and who isn´t these days?).

Some Questions About

What about privacy and security issues?