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Finding educational content on the web is not always that easy. Sometimes even the most straightforward searches can provide strange results which have nothing to do with what you had in mind.


Kigose is a search engine that has been making the lives of Internet users easier ever since it was created, in 2007. Its name derives from “Kids Google Search”, although it’s not connected with Google in any way.

Kigose helps both teachers and students find educational content online. gives people the chance to find all kind of content. Users can search in the following categories: web, atlas, books, dictionary, encyclopaedia, games, images, songs and video.

In this way, any student or teacher can find the content he needs in the most direct of ways. Language students who need translations to geography teachers who need maps for their lesson plans are equally catered for.

Besides, Kigose provides users with filters that let them find specific articles and websites even faster. Users can search by author, article title, website title, or website URL.

All in all, quite an excellent resource for students, parents and educators. makes researching any topic online not only easy but also fun and exciting.

Author : Charly Zaks

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