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“Designed specifically for kids, this new experience demonstrates Quintura´s continued commitment to change the way people search and find information on the Web. Based on the same cutting edge Neural Network technology used on, Quintura for Kids utilizes the Quintura cloud, which allows kids to find what they are looking for faster and easier than ever before.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Kids often don´t remember the exact details of what they´re looking for, but by giving them search options through Quintura´s visual word clouds, they have a much higher chance of remembering and finding it. It´s incredibly easy to use and fun to look at and kids will have fun scrolling over different words to see what the new options are that come up. Links are also edited to be more of what a younger age group would be interested in. Technology keeps being refined to be marketed at a younger audience, and so this niche is growing. As a search engine, they offer a new way to find what you want that is different from all of the other options out there and once kids get hooked on this form of searching, they´ll want to use the more mature version when they´re older, and their parents will also get interested.

Some Questions About

Are people going to use other search engines when Google has so many functions and options to gain from one search? How are they making a profit on this site?

Data sheet:


Launched: December, 2006

Foundation: Yakov Sadchikov

Located in: Alexandria, VA

Competitors: Yahoo! Kids (,

Seeking investors:


Traffic: Alexa: ranked 25,077



Author : Charly Zaks

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