– Because Every Mother Has Her Own Da Vinci

KidJot.comKeeping your family’s stories safe and intact in order to share them with others is priceless. This site has been developed in order to give you an interesting service that will allow you to archive the stories of your family participating in a social network environment where you can share those stories with other relatives and close friends.

There are many important things happening in one’s life and you want to keep some specific information and photos safe to share them with your family later. The problem is: when you do this through a social network, does the information remain private? The answer is that will keep it totally confidential and only viewable by invited friends.

In this way you are free to archive you most valuable memories for a long time to be revisited years later. Adults can also give their children “trophies” on the site as rewards (a good report card for example), to encourage good behavior.

There is nothing in this world that is compelling to human beings as their children. This site gives parents a place where they can celebrate their kids and share them with friends and family who may be across town or across the continent. The system is focused on parents and kids, something no social networking site has yet embraced. In case you want to learn more about this simple, elegant and easy to use service, feel free to give this site a visit at and you will not regret it. In Their Own Words

“Wouldn’t you love to be able to gaze into your past and see not only photos, but a written story by your mom about that Christmas when you were 7 or that vacation to Disney Land when you were 4 or that time you played in the paint and ruined the carpet? We think parents today will want to have that for their kids when they grow up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will be useful to keep the best memories in life safe, protected and ready to be visited years later. It will be very attractive to people that value the importance of family and close relationships with their friends regardless of the distance.

Some Questions About

How is this service going to evolve in the near future?