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Kidblog.orgKidblog is nothing more and nothing less than a blogging platform that is geared towards teachers. While getting a Blogger or WordPress blog together is not that hard, we should remember that teachers always operate under tight schedules, and that their jobs are stressing by definition.


And as much as they want to engage their classes and become involved with the latest technologies, they don’t really have the time to add yet another item to their list or responsibilities. That is why this new platform is practical bar none: it was created by teachers for teachers, and it lets them get down to monitoring and publishing the online activity of the classroom in a simple way.

Login menus allow students to select their names from a list, and there are no unnecessary distractions at all – students will spend time publishing and not wrestling with the actual system.

A class blog can be created for free. And since the blogs are free from advertising, an even smoother experience is provided for everybody.

A great emphasis is placed on providing a safe structure, too. The accounts are only viewable by classmates and the teacher himself, and parents can gain access to the postings by using a password. In Their Own Words

“ is built by teachers, for teachers, so students can get the most out of the blogging process.

Kidblog meets the need for a safe and simple blogging platform suitable for elementary and middle school students. Most importantly, Kidblog allows teachers to monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blogging community.

If you’ve tried (perhaps with limited success) other blogging platforms like Blogger, Edublogs, or, you’ll notice the Kidblog difference immediately!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it gives educators a readier chance to bring their classes online and interact with their students in a setting that will be 100 % natural to them.

Some Questions About

Which languages are already supported, and which ones are going to be added next?

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