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KickoffLabs.comGood news for those who are looking for a simple yet powerful way to build landing pages for their websites. That’s exactly what KickoffLabs provides. This startup enables anybody to build one such page by using a simple designer which basically lets him pick a template and place all the relevant content into position. Videos and background images can be employed as largely as the user wants, and he’ll be able to have the text he’s using to pitch his product illustrated and animated in whole.


And each and every landing page that is created through KickoffLabs actually comes with the necessary widgets and buttons for promoting what’s featured there socially. Visitors will be able to pass the best bargains and deals listed on it along, effectively acting as brand ambassadors.

And the minute the landing page has gone live is the minute the user can analyze conversion rates, views and referrals using the provided insight tools. So, finding the biggest fans and influencers (and begin developing lasting relationships with them) is a piece of cake.

KickoffLabs competes with services such as Launch It Now and Page/Do, which do something similar but that (in some specific instances) are more expensive. In Their Own Words

Get a social landing page for your business in 60 seconds.

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How long does it take for one such page to be created if you are absolutely new to it all?

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