Kick That Facebook Addiction With Timewaste Timer

Today’s Killer Startup: Timewaste Timer


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Elevator Pitch:

Timewaste Timer literally makes you pay for wasting time on Facebook.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I am absolutely, 100%, one of those people that spends way too much time on Facebook. My career as a blogger gives me a great excuse — I have to share my work! I need to keep up on what’s trending! — but really I’m just a hyper-social, super nosy person who likes to know personal details about other people, however mundane they may be.


My boyfriend (who has much more self-control than I do) has done an amazing job cutting FB out of his life, but I just keep coming back. I’ve even had the Kill News Feed app installed on my computer for ages now, but I’ll turn it off when I’m done with work and then “forget” to turn it on again. I check back multiple times throughout the day, scrolling through nonsense, in much the same way that people mindlessly watch TV.


Timewaste Timer is perfect for folks like me who just can’t seem to get a grip on their Facebook consumption. You download the browser add-on for Chrome, put $20 in your account, and then go about your business. Every day that you spend more than hour on Facebook, Timewaste Timer will take a dollar out of your account. Once you’ve used up all of your money, you can pay another $20 to keep it going. The monetary penalty provides another little incentive to stop wasting your life away on the minutiae of other people’s lives.


Facebook is not in and of itself “evil” or “bad,” but, just like anything else that feeds the pleasure centers of our brains, there is such thing as too much. If you feel like your usage has risen to the level of a Facebook addiction, you’re finding it hard to stay away form that blue and white screen and need a little extra motivation, head over to Timewaste Timer and start paying now.



Can’t seem to get off Facebook?? @TimewasteTimer will MAKE YOU PAY


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