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Kick It With Kyck

Soccer and football fans get excited. There’s a new social network for you to gather around and talk about your favorite football teams. No more having to sift through multi-sports sites like to find out the score of your favorite teams. There’s an easier way now. But what can it be?






An App That All Football Fans Will Love

Mac Lackey and his team wanted to create a world where football and their fans collide all in one social media site. That’s exactly what they did with the creation of Kyck. This app creates a space for football fans to link up with their favorite teams.


Lackey appears to be a huge football fan because Kyck is not his first attempt to connect football fans. More than a decade ago Lackey ran a site called It was later sold.





Checking Out What Kyck Has To Offer

Okay so I checked out the site Kyck. I noticed that Kyck was still in its beta stage. The site is fully functioning though. As of right now Kyck is only available for iOS, later it’ll be available for the Android market soon. Sorry Android users, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. So if you aren’t rocking an Iphone but have a Macbook you can download the app to your computer or laptop. Unfortunately Kyck is not available for Windows users. Kyck gives you a way to select only the teams that you want to follow and  you can forget about the rest. Letting those with little time only focus on their favorite players or teams.





Kyck Is More Than Just An App

For those that were pissed off because the Euros were taking place during the middle of the day causing you to miss it because you were at work. Don’t fret, you can keep up with the matches, without ever missing a goal again. Kyck offers a lot more, than just watching the game. Football brainiacs can show how much they know about the sport. You can live out your sportscaster dream.


As you can see, Kyck is not only about sport but also about socializing. Think of it as an online bar where you don’t have to worry about the drunken overzealous fan that get’s on everybody’s nerves. You can be anywhere and everywhere with Kyck.


So football fans rejoice and be glad that you have a place to come together and commune. A place where you cannot only receive updates but be social.


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Author : David Hopkins

David tries to feel the world through his five senses. Traveling to the beach is his way to get away from the big city. Poetry was his introduction to exploring writing as an art and not just something that has to be done. Finding his voice through words is very important to David.

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