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Kibin.comKibin is a new community site that provides creative people with a service they will find nothing short of essential: free proofreading for their texts. Yes, that’s right. Just any person who has created a text that could use some editing and refining can turn to Kibin for assistance, and have it proofread by a community with members spread all throughout the world already.

In actuality, Kibin is not a free system. It’s free inasmuch one can get his own work edited and proofread using a credit system whereby he gets points in exchange for these texts that he has proofread himself.

So, those who have the patience (not to mention the skill) to proofread what others have submitted will get their very own pieces edited and corrected without having to pay anything. And those who don’t can always buy Kibin credits, and use them in exchange for other people’s services. Right now, 1 credit costs 50 cents. In all cases, texts are proofread within 24 hours of having been originally submitted. In Their Own Words

Get proofreading and editing… FREE!

Some Questions About

Are badges provided for the best proofreaders to wear on their profiles?