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KiasuPromos is the “fastest growing online promo codes and deals website in Singapore, offering extra savings and discounts from all popular online stores in Singapore, Asia and beyond.”


For bargain hunters and those who may otherwise be overwhelmed by trying to figure out where to by things in Asia, KiasuPromos serves as a convenient destination for shopping goods and services – and scoring maximum savings on purchases.


KiasuPromos collects deals, promotions, and discounts from across the web – websites, social media platforms, newsletters, etc. – and makes them easy to find and browse. The platform aims to provide the freshest deals around every day.


Coupon codes found on KiasuPromos apply to online retail giants, online flower shops, and everything in between. The site places the latest promotional codes front and center, so viewers can quickly nab new deals.


KiasuPromos features all the top online stores (e.g. Lazada, Zalora, asos, Reebonz) and major brands (e.g. crocs, YOOX, Microsoft, HP). At a glance, flash sales advertise as much as 50% original prices.


The range of deals available on the site is wide enough to make Amazon jealous. KiasuPromos supplies Groupon discounts; exclusive offers; promotional discounts on fashion goods, travel, dining; daily deals across industries and more.


Ordinarily, if you’re planning travel, you might have to search for your flights using one tool, book a hotel using another, buy clothing or luggage and other necessities each from a different source. With KiasuPromos, consumers can find the best deals under all of these categories on just one site.


Bargains from Asia aren’t just for giant corporations anymore. In our globalized world, KiasuPromos lets consumers anywhere on the planet buy goods and services using coupon codes in Singapore. In the company’s own words, “Gone are the days where you had to wait for a local store to import products. Now you can shop online yourself using coupon codes in Singapore. Then import the goods you want, when you want.”


KiasuPromos also provides a wealth of information on how to find additional savings in Singapore and to find the best of anything in the local market.


Tired of scouring the web to find deals and coming up empty handed? Want great deals on all of your purchases, with transparent coupon terms? Visit to start taking advantage of savings opportunities or to learn more details.


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