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Ki-Work.comKi Work is a marketplace for sourcing online work. Globalization has made virtual outsourcing a very viable means of doing business—Ki Work acts as a utility supporting buyers to source relevant services from professionals with the support of expert intermediaries.


Founder Members recruit experts in specific categories of expertise, for example software architects, to create and manage networks of professionals and buyers in that category, earning revenue from search fees from buyers and fees for accrediting members in their networks. When person X needs a software architect they can search directly using a proprietary keyword optimised search engine or turn to any one of the experts for consultancy or project management support. X will have to pay a small fee to select a shortlist of prospective candidates, including ones that have been pre-qualified through accreditation by the expert, saving both time and money. In turn, professionals can improve their chances of both getting found and being hired. And Founder Members and experts, using their networking, mentoring and specialist expertise can earn incremental revenues, while building more visibility and a solid reputation. So there you have it, everyone gets what they want in this flat world economy. In Their Own Words

“ki work is the next generation trusted online marketplace and operational platform for clients and professionals of services in the global outsourcing market, powered by a network of accredited experts.

ki work enables specialised experts to derive substantial value from their working relationships by acting as trusted intermediaries between clients and professionals within their primary areas of expertise.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Ki work has a solid business model. It’s definitely latched on to something that is gaining popularity—outsourcing. Everyone wants to do it, but it’s a delicate affair—you’ve got to find reliable, professional people who are willing to do the work at your price. Ki work puts everyone in a network and rewards recruiting and business skill.

Some Questions About

How will Ki-work advertise itself? Will it really produce as much money as they claim, for the founders at least?

Author : Siri Marshall

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