– Improve Your Typing Skills

There’s academies and instructors that can teach you how to type faster, but if you don’t have the money to spare then your best alternative is a site like this one. comes with easy-to-understand exercises for improving your typing speed. You can sign in using your Facebook identity or create an account of its own, and then you’ll be able to practice for as long as you want. will keep track of everything for you: your average speed, your top speed, your daily progress and the total time you’ve spent using the application. You’ll be given a score based on your performance, and the site has actually got a ranking where all the top scorers go.

Which is just great if you’ve chosen to connect your Facebook account to, as you’ll be able to compete with your friends and try to make it to the very top. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps us from using sites such as this one is motivation. By giving its users such a ready chance to get all of their friends involved, successfully overcomes that problem.

And is also great in the sense that you can import content from these sites and blogs that you like, and use that to practice your typing. So, you’ll be working with something you can relate to, not some generic text that doesn’t speak to you in any level.