Get Great Natural Hair Products From Kéralogie

I recently became kind of obsessive about hair care. Actually, okay, I’ll admit it: I went a little nuts. You see, I’d had short hair all my life and about four years ago I decided that I wanted to grow it out. The first couple of years were fine: I got regular trims and learned new ‘dos along the way. However, after about three years, it seemed like my hair wasn’t growing anymore. I became obsessed with finding out what I was doing wrong — and how to best care for my new, long locks as I got closer and closer to mermaid status.


One of the things I learned around that time (in addition to the fact that you really shouldn’t wash your hair every day, a bad habit I’d kept from when it was short), is that most shampoos that you find in the pharmacy or grocery store have sulfates in them. Sulfates, apparently, are an ingredient that’s commonly used in dish soap. They’re a cleaning agent and when you apply them to your sensitive locks, they strip all of the natural oils out and can do some serious damage to your hair.


Moral of the story: Don’t use shampoos with sulfates. But where can you find the sulfate-free good stuff?


Kéralogie is one company that makes all-natural hair care products that don’t contain sulphates — or parabens or any other harsh chemicals that will do your ‘do more damage than good. The team has been working for more than a decade with teams around the world to create products that nourish your hair instead of strip it down to dry, straw-like tresses that break at the slightest touch.


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But Kéralogie isn’t only great for hair obsessives like me. It’s also great for anyone who cares about exactly what they’re putting in and on their bodies. The world has woken up in recent years to the fact that organic foods are the best bet for healthy bodies, but most people haven’t kept up the same commitment to reducing chemicals in their lives when it comes to cosmetic goods. Kéralogie offers an organic product that they promise will feed your hair and keep those nasty chemicals away.


A quick look at the Kéralogie product page, and I straight up want everything on it. It’s seriously a treasure trove for anyone who cares about their hair: they have everything from shampoo and conditioner to hair oils to an electric scalp massage comb, which I didn’t even know was a thing but now want really badly. So what are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to some lovely Kéralogie products. Your hair will thank you.


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