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KeibiTech.comKeibi Moderation Suite is a comprehensive solution for the moderation and classification of user generated content (UGC). Online Communities can quickly rid their network of low-value, inappropriate content while increasing advertiser-friendly inventory and improving their revenue opportunity.

It manages the four basic UGC types – Images, Animations, Text and Video. Classifies primary violations as Obscene, Racist, Violent, or Abusive, incorporates item score, account history and prior decisions for more effective, holistic approach, and delivers as a scalable subscription based solution. Keibi Technologies was founded to help the growing number of companies leveraging user generated content — social networks, content publishers and advertisers — to protect their brands and improve advertising revenue. In Their Own Words

“The Keibi Technologies vision took root in early 2006 while its founders were working for a large social network located in San Francisco. This online community was experiencing massive viral growth and saw its user generated content increasing at a rate of over 20% per month.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

User generated content is being used more and more by social networking sites and companies alike and with this increase in UGC, a new issue is appearing: How to monitor it. The Keibi Moderation Suite allows a website to quickly and efficiently monitor and remove content that is inappropriate and violates a site’s policies. Monitoring images, animation, video and text, the suite provides a holistic view of all content on a site enabling the quick and efficient removal of suspect material making it safer for both the user and advertisers to participate in these environments.

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How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people? How good is the quality of the services?