– Project Time Tracking

Keeptempo.comTempo is a secure, web-based time management solution that will allow you to better plan your projects and prepare reports on your time usage in a very easy manner. Getting started with Tempo is simple, just sign up and then simply select a project, enter the number of hours, and provide a brief description along with some tags.

Over time, your entries form an accurate historical record that tell you exactly what you’ve been doing. Far from being just a tool to handle your own time, Tempo also supports multiple users and allows a single project with multiple tasks and multiple users to be organized simply. Finally, Tempo allows you to get instant updates on what other team members are up to through RSS or directly on your mobile phone. In Their Own Words

“Tempo takes a unique and fresh approach to project time tracking. Tools often fail because they interrupt your flow or make it difficult to look at time once you enter it. Tempo provides simple, low impact ways to record time along with powerful reporting tools that analyze the information once it’s entered.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is obviously no shortage of project management solutions available but Tempo distinguishes itself by providing an intuitive and easy to use interface. Simply put, Tempo makes sense and it should become a popular tool for small to medium size businesses.

Some Questions About

Pricing is competitive but companies may opt for a solution that doesn’t incur a monthly cost. Also, do they have plans that will allow companies to host the service behind their own firewalls? Most companies these days have big problems when it comes to having their data stored on a third party’s server.