– For The Creation Of Social Albums

Keepsy.comKeepsy is a social service that aims to change up the way in which photo albums are created. Essentially, this new platform lets people build them collaboratively. Any person can invite all his friends to submit their photos one by one, until the album has been completed. Talk about telling a story from as many angles as possible…

As it was only to be expected, people can actually create such albums and have them printed and delivered to their significant ones. Such an option is currently available only in the US, but that is set to change before too long.

Social services like this one make just too much sense, especially when one thinks that images which are hosted on Facebook are often invisible to many people who would love to see them. Ultimately, that is the main value of this website – how it can centralize all the photos that have to do with someone in such a practical way, and have the story of any particular stage of his life told so faithfully and poignantly. In Their Own Words

Make a keepsake photo album with your friends.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect way to cover a single incident or stage in the life of a person from all possible angles at once.

Some Questions About

When will people who are overseas be able to have albums printed and delivered, too?