– Keep ´em All in One Contact Folder

Keepm.comKeep “em all at, the service that allows you to store all of your contact information, all across the board in one simple account.

Feilds include phone numbers, addresses, instant messenger screename, email, websites, and other information. All of this information can then be exported to your PC, your mobile, and iPod, or these contact files can be alternatively sent and saved in emails. Keepm offers simple and free contact management, a really easy way to stay in contact and keep track of all your friends, family and coworkers. You can view all of you Keepm history on the dashboard that is provided for you, as well as have access to search tools, so you wont spend too much time looking. All of your information is stored and is accessible from their secured server, all the pages being encrypted. In Their Own Words

Keepm is a free, simple contact organization tool. Gone are the days of business cards piling up and sticky notes on your desk, Keepm makes everyone you know searchable, shareable, and always accessible.