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Keepio.comKeepio is a platform for keeping track of all your belongings. People can build up lists detailing their personal collections, and apply the privacy settings that they want to these. They can make their lists visible to all and sundry, or they can make them visible to just a selected handful of friends.


And there is more to the site than that, as Keepio doubles as a marketplace where users can proceed to part ways with anything on their lists. People can make offers on the items that others feature in their collections, and loans are allowed. That is, not everything will be bough and sold. Items can actually be freely swapped and traded.

On the other hand, it is even possible to build an online store (a la eBay) and put wares for sale in such a direct way.

Items that are posted on Keepio can be reviewed and commented extensively, too. The idea is to let people socialize around these objects that have a special significance to them. Post them, catalogue them, discuss them, transact them… Keepio makes all these operations possible, in a way that is really convenient for everybody. In Their Own Words

Keepio provides a fast and easy way for you to track what you own with complete control of your privacy. You can also share and swap items and collections with your trusted friends on Facebook and Twitter without any transaction fees!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that people can make their very own offers on what is catalogued will turn the site into an interesting platform for collectors who want to measure the interest their items can arise.

Some Questions About

In which other ways is this better than Craiglist?

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