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Keep Customer Support Simple With Keeping

Providing help to customers shouldn’t feel like trying to coordinate disaster relief. Yet, the expense of implementing external help programs, the process of putting new protocols in place, the repeat answering of the same questions – often amounts to a time-money-energy suck of tragic proportions.



Keeping offers a refreshingly simple alternative to existing helpdesk solutions. It turns Gmail or a Google App email account into a helpdesk. Instead of looking outside for a way to manage customer issues, you need look no further than the inbox your eyes are already watching.


Keeping Support Simple

Field customer questions directly from your email using the Keeping extension. Uncomplicated helpdesk functionality spares you from having to set up any additional support channels, and it lets you move between assisting customers and taking care of other business emails seamlessly.






Not only does Keeping eliminate the need to have multiple applications and websites firing to answer questions, it cuts down on the time spent answering the same questions over and over again. Keeping identifies familiar questions – despite typos, different phrasing and other oddities – and suggests automated replies based on previous answers.


If you need to draft an original response, saving your reply adds it into the mix for the future. This enables Keeping to better suggest appropriate phrasing, which helps you to make maximum and efficient use of previous answers – basically, you’re able to address common customer service issues more or less instantly.


Not in the mood to field a question yourself? With Keeping, collaboration is a simple as assigning a question to a team member. If everyone already knows their roles, a shared support mailbox lets team members attack questions accordingly. No one is left wondering if someone else has responded before, because conversations are highly visible and easy to track.





Just because you’re managing email support inside Gmail doesn’t mean that you lose out on any metrics. Keeping also lets you monitor team performance. You always know how fast and how successfully questions have been answered/issues resolved so that you can deliver topnotch customer support. Need to maintain multiple support email accounts? Done.


Need an enormous team to share access to emails safely and privately? Done. Even better, for the time being you can sign up to become a free beta user. (Over 1400 companies have already signed up with Keeping in a short time, so take advantage of this offer while it’s available!)


If you’d like to turn your current inbox into a helpdesk with barely any effort and to deal with support emails more efficiently, request a free beta account at


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