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Katango.comA crowd control application, Katango is here to let us make better sense of all the people we have befriended on Facebook. This recently-released service allows users to have all their contacts automatically sorted into groups for them. Those who go for Katango will be saved the hassle of having to individualize their Facebook friends one by one in order to have them split into the groups that would make for much easier and faster online interactions. Katango does that using a patent-pending algorithm that can look at the kind of interexchanges taking place between people, and the contexts in which they actually became friends to begin with.


Of course, people who have large followings on Facebook will find something like this immensely fulfilling. They will be able to have all their contacts distributed into the right groups without having to lift a finger themselves, and doing everything from arranging events to sharing images only with the right people will become the easiest thing ever.

Katango can be downloaded at the app store, and (like all the other applications that the company is going to release) it comes absolutely free of charge.

And just in case you want to organize your Facebook interactions manually, check youRoom out. That’s one of the most effective services for conducting organized group conversations with all of your Facebook friends. In Their Own Words

Auto-magically organize your Facebook friends.

Some Questions About

Does the size of one’s following matter when using Katango? Is the application equally fast in all cases?

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