KarmaKorn.com – Make The World A Better Place

KarmaKorn.comKarmaKorn is a new initiative for the betterment of the world we all live in. Users of this site will be able to use a virtual currency to pay off those who do laudable actions they want to see done, and then the ones who have been paid will be able to pay others in turn using this money they have received. In this way, something comparable to an economy for social change is created, letting people buy and sell good deeds as if they were the kind of items that one buys in the supermarket.

KarmaKorn works within Facebook. That is, you will be using your social graph to promote these things that should be done, and turn your friends into volunteers for these causes that you champion. And you will also be able to see which causes your friends are keen on, and offer your support.

KarmaKorn actions can deal with mostly anything that you could think of that has a positive connotation. From helping the homeless to looking after stray animals, this social application makes it all possible and extremely easy, too.

KarmaKorn.com In Their Own Words

Grow good.

Why KarmaKorn.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes supporting charities and recruiting new converts a really simple proposition.

Some Questions About KarmaKorn.com

What about Twitter? To which extent is it supported? KarmaKorn.com