Make Any Ordinary Whiteboard Smart With Kaptivo

Prepare yourself. Your love for the whiteboard is about to be lifted to a new level.


Kaptivo is a “unique cloud-connected camera with integrated software and processor that turns any standard dry-erase whiteboard into a connected, smart whiteboard.”




The camera installs easily above your whiteboard. Once it’s plugged in and connected online, you’re set do a number of amazing things with your whiteboard.


You can stream the whiteboard in real time. Kaptivo automatically creates an image archive of all the changes you make to the board, which means you can record a presentation so it can be shared, rewound, and saved to be included as part of other projects. Or turn everything written on the whiteboard into a PDF to share with you team after a meeting.


Kaptivo works in any web browser as well as video conference platforms that support screen sharing, so people can make the best use of content on any device, anytime, anywhere.




Has your arm already relaxed, since you’ll have much less furious note scribbling to do from now on?


Trying to take pictures of a screen or relying on notes is frustrating. At the same time, shelling out for interactive whiteboard technology often isn’t feasible. Kaptivo is a solution that hits the sweet spot, allowing everyone to do more with our favorite collaborative tool, while keeping the technology simple and affordable. (The system runs $399).


Maybe most impressive is the quality of the image Kaptivo captures. For starters, it recognizes important content. It also eliminates users writing on the board, reflections and shadows. So what you’re left with is a perfectly clear, crips image of the whiteboard – without any editing whatsoever. Kaptivo uses patented computer vision algorithms to make this magic happen.


According to the Kaptivo website, there are 50 million whiteboards in use, in corporate meeting spaces, hotels, offices and educational establishments. Kaptivo is a simple accessory which requires barely any learning, that turns all those static boards into a live, online collaboration tool.


Tired of thinking, “Move out of the way, I can’t see!” “I wish I were in the room.” Kaptivo is your answer, giving you an ideal view of the whiteboard while making collaboration easier than ever. Learn more at


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