Kakophone.com – The Musical Composition Machine

Kakophone.comKakophone is an online music application you can use to compose your own music online. If you enter Kakophone.com you will learn how to use this application to create ringtones, and make Powerpoint presentations as well. You just need to visit this site and spend some seconds to create MIDI files.

If you are looking for personalized ringtones for your cellphone, you can stop by this site. Enter Kakophone.com and find out more about this funny application you can use to generate lots of custom ringtones to be sent to your mail. No matter if you like Reggae or Rock, by using this application allows you to compose great music files.

Remember to visit this site if you are tired of having the same old ringtones. You just have to enter Kakophone.com and learn how this online application can be used to compose ringtones, or to create MIDI files for other purposes.

Kakophone.com In Their Own Words

“A machine to compose your cell phone ringtone in real time and for free. Several styles available: latino, experimental music, jungle, reggae…”

Why Kakophone.com It Might Be A Killer

The Kakophone is fun to play with and the sound is great. It’s fun to adjust the various factos, like the “magic code” or the pitch and density to see what the different outcome is. It gives you far greater control over your ringtone selection, which will appeal to people, since they will enjoy the fact that they helped in designing their specific tone.

Some Questions About Kakophone.com

Though the site worked for me earlier, now when I create a tone, instead of allowing me to play it back, the screen quickly automatically switches to the start page and I can’t actually check out my composition or download it. When will this be fixed? Kakophone.com