Kabooza.com – A New Online Backup Tool

Kabooza.comAre you looking into ways of preserving information currently hosted on your computer that is vital to you, and which you feel could not be replaced if the worst happened? As you probably know, there exist several companies providing online backup services, and that is exactly what the company being reviewed right now does.

In general terms, Kabozaa offers a free backup software that can be procured at the site, and which can be employed to store a copy of all the files you choose in a specified online folder.

Once this process has been complied with, the software checks for updates regularly and when these are found the files that are stored online are modified accordingly.

Miscellaneous features include a Trash Can that comes with complete with a “restore” functionality for recovering files that have been wiped out accidentally, whereas online albums are also part of the package. These can be employed to display all the pictures in your chosen photo folder. Access to these contents can be kept as private as you wish, as security tools are featured.

Note that while the backup software can be downloaded at no cost, there is a fixed rate for storing the files online. Check the site out at the provided URL in order to find out more, and whether or not it is the solution you need for chilling out a bit.

Kabooza.com In Their Own Words

“Welcome to Kabooza! A really simple online backup.”

Why Kabooza.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a viable alternative when it comes to storing valuable files online.

Some Questions About Kabooza.com

At what price is this solution provided? Kabooza.com