K9FriendsUnited.com – A Canine Social Network

K9FriendsUnited.comI could review a trillion social networks for dogs since they are my favorite animals. In this particular case, every person who joins (and his or her companion, of course) has a personalized webpage to which content can be added and removed at will.

Videos are probably the most common currency on offer here along with pictures, and games that are dog-related are provided for you to while some hours. These can be played collectively, obviously.

On the other hand, forums are provided for you to get to know other users even better, and also for dispel any canine-connected doubts that might be biting at you. And if you can not find an answer there, you can resort to the provided section where dog behavior questions are brought into the limelight.

There is nothing more to add, other than you can make new connections by looking at the featured members on the main page, and that you can login using Facebook Connect, so that you can join in and bring your basic profile information along with you easily.

K9FriendsUnited.com In Their Own Words

“The world’s number one dog social network.”

Why K9FriendsUnited.com It Might Be A Killer

Dog lovers are bound to try a social network sooner or later, and I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t go for this one.

Some Questions About K9FriendsUnited.com

What could be added to give it a distinctive edge over other social networks currently available? K9FriendsUnited.com