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Jygy.comCross your favorite social networking page with a mobile phone and you get Jygy. On the one hand, Jygy offers you mobile access to all the major social networking sites, so you can constantly check in on your profile page and update information.


On the other hand, Jygy provides services on its own home site. You can network via text message, poll your friends, start a mobile chatroom, or, if you are technologically inclined, create a “groove”- your own mobile service (like a “joke of the day” or television forum). Jygy is completely free to use, although obviously it is highly suggested that you have an unlimited text messaging and data plan. In Their Own Words

“JYGY is cool little place where you can hang-out, create your own private mobile services and use them for whatever you want. You can add friends, SMS them, share pictures, and interact via WEB, WAP and SMS. JYGY is about you making it your own.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The aspects of Jygy that fully embrace mobile and social networking are what make this site. Polling is a great feature that often involves on-the-fly decision making (poll: where should we go to lunch today?); this is a feature that can’t be easily done online. The ability to text your social network, while on-the-go yourself, is also an experience enhanced by mobile.

Some Questions About

As facebook and other networking sites update their mobile platforms, will Jygy be left in the dust?


Author : Mery Fisher

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