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JustTweetIt.comAre you interested in finding like-minded Twitter users? If that happens to be the case, a visit to the Just Tweet It website is the order of the day. This system is implemented in a hassle-free manner: you simply add your name to the existing directory, and then you can find or be found by others who share your same tastes.


The newest Tweeters are featured on the main page, and a brief description of each Tweeter is provided as well. The site will also include a “Featured Tweeters” section in the future, where “exceptional” Tweeters are brought into the limelight. It is also possible to suggest Tweeters that stand out in the community because they are friendly and helpful to others to be added to this forthcoming list.

There is likewise a “Cool Stuff” heading that collects goodies like mobile and developer tools alongside assorted Twitter graphics and services. A Just Tweet It blog is provided as well.

Lastly, if you wish to remain fully updated on the directory listing via e-mail, you can subscribe for free by furnishing your address when prompted. In Their Own Words

“Find other Twitters users like you!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a service that can strengthen the existing Twitter user base.

Some Questions About

When is the “Featured Tweeter” section going to be launched?

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